Our cutting-edge digital platform empowers and supports frontline workers to make meaningful impact, regardless of their location

OGOW Health offers contextualized mobile-health solution empowering and equipping healthcare providers, caregivers and governments in the hardest to reach communities.

  • A unique medical record number with patient data

  • Access to new and past results among providers in multiple care settings

  • Administration processes such as scheduling systems

  • Facilitates the active search of unvaccinated individuals, defaulters and dropouts

  • Vaccine information management system

  • Patient appointment reminders and defaulter tracking system

  • SMS and voice reminders to increase utilization of the services provided at facilities

  • Customized dashboard to support administrators and government offices to access Reliable, Timely, High-Quality data used for routine decision making

  • Provide outputs (reports, tables, and figures) that facilitate monitoring of vaccination coverage, disaggregated by vaccine, dose, geographical area, age, and provider or facility

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