Driven by a Commitment to Impact

In Somalia, accessing primary healthcare services is a major challenge for women and caregivers, leading to high maternal mortality rates and child mortality rates.

The administrative data coverage, as of August 2022 shows that only 88% of eligible children received one dose of measles while only 11% have received a second dose across the country. Combined these figures indicates low immunity of the children against measles and polio and this risk is further aggravated by a complex humanitarian crisis caused by conflict and droughts, and related displacements.

To address these challenges, OGOW and its partners are working to increase access to primary healthcare services through innovative programs and technologies. This includes creating mobile phone applications to provide mothers with critical health services and information, improving the quality and availability of gender-disaggregated data, and offering a dashboard to support administrators and government offices in making routine healthcare decisions.

Through these efforts, we aim to increase access to primary healthcare services and improve health outcomes for women, children, and families in the region.

Watch our pilot impact video highlighting stories of collaboration, innovation, and impact.