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Funding announcement: Ogow Health is Being Awarded Funds To Further Develop Digital Health Solutions Somalia

Ogow Health has been selected by the Fund for Innovation and Transformation (FITT) supported by the Government of Canada to receive a seed grant to support its project improving maternal, newborn and child health outcomes through innovative technology and community-centric approaches.

The funds will support Ogow to test a technological solution designed to improve access to high-quality, affordable care for women, new mothers, and newborns in Somalia. These new tools will support rural and urban health facilities to better access and track important patient data, improving pathways and point of care.

Ogow will also test a powerful dashboard designed to help administrators and governments to access real-time, consolidated data on various health indicators, leading to more data-driven planning and decision making aimed at achieving their desired health outcomes. “Huge thanks to FITT, the Intercouncil Network, and the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada for their support of our lifesaving work in Somalia. This funding is vital to helping us further develop and test the toolkits we designed to help administrators and governments  to access real-time, consolidated data on important health indicators”, said Ogow Health Founder, Khalid Hashi. Khalid continued, “This money will position Ogow for continued growth and impactful work in the public health and technology space.”

About Fund for Innovation and Transformation

FITT aims to support testing of a range of innovative solutions to development challenges and provide organizations with the opportunity to learn and grow as innovators.

The selected solutions seek to advance gender equality and empower women and girls, by addressing challenges related to health, education, safety, and technology.

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About Ogow Health

Ogow Health’s mission is to offer contextualized mobile-health solutions empowering and equipping healthcare providers and caregivers in the hardest to reach communities contributing to a healthier and more equitable world.

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